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Cambridge Bobcat Basketball

Cambridge Bobcat Basketball



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Welcome to Bobcat Basketball!

Welcome to the Cambridge Bobcat "Luv Ya Blue" Basketball website. This site is dedicated to the Cambridge High School Bobcats in Cambridge, Ohio.
Cambridge, with a population of just over 12,000, is located in scenic southeastern Ohio at the intersection of US Interstates 70 and 77. Their intersection happens to be the largest cloverleaf intersection in the world.
This school has had a successful athletic tradition since opening in the late 1800's.
It is our sincere hope that this website helps to connect fans around the globe to the Bobcats and also to indoctrinate the curious outside fan to all things Cambridge.


A Cambridge High School basketball player can come in any size, shape or color. There is no common denominator except for a love for the game and a desire to get the most out of his abilities. He is not only proud of his strengths, but understands his weakenesses. He is first of all concerned with the good of his team and knows that individual recognition will come through team excellence.
A Cambridge High School basketball player has the enthusiasm of an evangelist; the discipline of a monk; the heart of a warrior; and never loses the honesty and character of a small boy. He appreciates the support of thousands of fans, but is much more aware of the example he is setting for the small boy watching from the bleachers. He is happy when he scores a basket, but never forgets a teammate passed him the ball. While he never lets up at either end of the floor, the other team is not his real opponent; it is the full extent of his own potential that he is always playing against. He lets referees, with occasional assistance from his coach, do the officiating.
A Cambridge High School basketball player is made and not born. He is constantly striving to reach his potential knowing that he will bypass other players who cannot withstand the strain of this quest for excellence. He realizes that the challenges and competition of today's game will better prepare him for tomorrow's world. He knows that the true measure of his performance is not recorded in wins and losses, but in how much of himself he has given to the game.
A Cambridge High School basketball player never realizes when the odds are stacked against him. He can only be defeated by a clock that happens to run out of time. He is what a small boy wants to become and what an old man can remember with great pride that he once was.

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